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Delhi: Tughlaqbad Fort and Lotus temple

A year in Delhi and I have not visited anything. No time !          
I had to fix this so I went to see Tughlaqabad Fort. A touristic spot almost unvisited! A fortress with 6 km of fortifications. The third city of Delhi. It dates back to 1320 and is completely in ruins, but it just gives it a charm ...
And then there are monkeys - I almost panicked when one of these simians followed me on a tiny path, monkeys are not your friend here, they are not nice –, there are some kinds of deers, and guys showing their muscles. A nice place! Really liked it!!

Then I visited the Lotus Temple.     
Not the same trip as the fort!! It is super packed!!

A live illustration that the diving attracts more than history...  

It is a temple of the Baha'i religion – a 150 year old faith. I hardly understood anything except that it looks like a monotheistic religion that wants to be open to all the other religions.    
The shape of a lotus flower, and nothing inside except an altar, dozens of Indians and silence ... That is a miracle just by itself!            
But no, I have not found faith there... Not that I am looking for it anyways...


Delhi - Novembre 2012


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