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When blogs turn into books: Delirious Delhi

India,blog,book,Delirious Delhi,Dave PragerI just read Delirious Delhi by Dave Prager who released this book after the success of his blog ( about his adventures for 18 months in Delhi.


A urban tale that describes Delhi by combining personal experiences and research: the structure of the city, transportation, weather, tips about food (and man is he a foody!), hospitals, peons in offices, rickshaw and taxi drivers etc.



Very funny, very humble, very optimistic, very informative also.

It's very personal, but I could completely relate with my own adventure in Delhi.




"Just to inform you 

these week due to our religious thing I will not be able to shave 

I known these is silly" 


I stay in India because there is not one day where I don’t miss falling from my chair. When I get this type of sms from my colleagues for instance… 


Or when I get comments from this other colleague (a very educated and smart guy who can spell English this one): 


“If you remember our first interview I had changed the date. Because I had to come on an auspicious day, with the stars and everything. Now if you see I had done the same last time and I stayed 10 years in that company.” 


No comment…


Ganesh immersion in video!

Every year I go see Ganesh departure in the sea… (The idea here is that Ganesh, the God with an elephant head, comes in people’s homes every year and after a couple of days (up to 10) he leaves, carrying everbody’s sins with him in the purifying water.)

But for the first time I went at night on the main day of immersion…

Walking home took me two hours. Partly because it was overcrowded (especially Juhu Tara Road where all the processions happen) and partly because I was so busy filming!


It was amazing to see the joy, the fervour, the passion!

People also kept coming to my mini video camera and smiled and sang.

My ass got groped only twice which is a performance seeing the number of people gathered…


A truly energising and incredible experience!


Pictures of my previous Ganapati festivals are here. 


Here is the short version (10 min) of the 2 hours of shooting I did:


And here the long (30 minute) version!

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