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"Just to inform you 

these week due to our religious thing I will not be able to shave 

I known these is silly" 


I stay in India because there is not one day where I don’t miss falling from my chair. When I get this type of sms from my colleagues for instance… 


Or when I get comments from this other colleague (a very educated and smart guy who can spell English this one): 


“If you remember our first interview I had changed the date. Because I had to come on an auspicious day, with the stars and everything. Now if you see I had done the same last time and I stayed 10 years in that company.” 


No comment…


If hair is given to God and I buy a wig with this hair, am I God?

I have spoken a lot about hairs.

Hairs in the ears which is more developed in India than other countries (see: ). Hype4.jpgrtrichosis.

Hairs that grow more in India due to the humid climate (see here).

Hairs that Sikh people let grow and put in a turban (see here). 

Hairs that a cricket star shaved after winning a game (see here).

And I have probably mentioned it in other posts (here and there…).


And here a few words about the business of hairs.


”Many Indian women offer their hair to deities in Hindu temples in a show of (Click on “Lire la suite” to read more)

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