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Guide to An Indian marrying a French in India

You are Indian and marrying a Frenchie?? Congratulations!!

And get ready for some fun with the administration! It is not too difficult but a bit time consuming, especially for the French thing.

Both French and Indian authorities ask for the couple a ‘one month reflection time’ (called “publication des bans” in French and “intent of marrying” in India). So start the process a little early ;)

First things first, you need to take an appointment with the consulate to check that you are a real couple and also give them some documents.

From the Indian spouse:

  1. Birth certificate issued within 3 month with the verification by the Home Ministry of the birth state and the apostille (this is THE difficult part we found)
  2. Passport
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Attestation of celibacy or “Affidavit” if it is not mentioned in the birth certificate. You can get this from an Indian Public Notary – we were not asked for it.

From the French spouse:

  1. Certificat de naissance de l’époux français
  2. Certificat d’inscription au consulat / carte consulaire de l’époux français
  3. Passeport (ou preuve d’identité)
  4. Justificatif de domicile
  5. Liste des documents signée
  6. Contact de la mairie de la localité française où les bans vont être publiés
  7. Facture d’électricité des parents (dans la localité française où les bans vont être publiés)

 Then the consulate sends the papers to France and if all goes well, after a month or so they deliver an attestation of celibacy of the French spouse and you can go to the Indian court.

For the Indian marriage court you need:

  1. 2-3 “forms” that can be picked up at the court (Khar Telephonic Exchange if you live in Bandra/Khar)
  2. Passport of each spouse – notarised
  3. Resident permit of the French spouse – notarised
  4. Proof of residence of each spouse – notarised
  5. Identity pictures
  6. Attestation of celibacy of the French spouse given by the consulate – we were not asked for it.

Then they give you a date, at least one month later, and you have to come with 3 witnesses, carrying their passport, a copy and 3 identity pictures. They deliver a marriage certificate and if you pay you can get certified copies. It is strongly recommended to make a fuss and to not leave the place with at least 3 copies…

Once this is all done, you need to go to the consulate and give them:

  1. The original (they give it back afterwards) marriage certificate attested by Mantralaya, Mumbai (Home Department) and with the apostille – for all that you can use an agent that will charge 3,850 Rs and get everything done within a week
  2. Demande de transcription
  3. Attestation de filiation

We are still struggling to get the Birth Certificate but we got married in India and all that. We are just waiting for this last certificate to submit all the above mentioned papers to the consulate and finish it off!

And as a bonus, this is what the apostille looks like!


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