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You know you have been in India for too long when…

… you realise you speak English like them (and you didn’t even know it was not ‘proper’ English!).

If you use 3 or more of the expressions daily, then that’s it, you are one of them (us?? :-) ):

  1. ‘I will come at 4 only’ – Ending your sentence with ‘only’ without a reason really.
  2. 'Passing out' of school
  3. 'Kindly revert' – You reply or answer but not revert which means "to return to a former state".
  4. 'It happened years back' – Instead of years ago.
  5. 'Kindly do the needful' – Needful is an adjective, not a noun.
  6. 'Can we discuss about this?' – You discuss this, not about this.
  7. 'Let’s order for food' – You order food, not for food.
  8. 'Do one thing' – When someone approaches you with a query, and your reply begins with the phrase "do one thing”, it is an Indianism. It is only understood in India. It is not proper English. Like “My computer keeps getting hung.” And “Do one thing. Clear your history. Delete your cookies. Defrag your hardrive. Run a virus check. Restart your computer... ”
  9. ‘I can’t talk right now, I’m out of station.’ – extremely outdated.
  10. 'Prepone' – Because the opposite of postpone just has to be prepone, right? But in English you would “bring a meeting forward”. 



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