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When Norman tries to escape

What do you do when your cat decide to jump through the window in India ??

I entered the living room the other day and heard Norman meowing for help. It was coming from the window but I could not believe it. I live on the 5th floor and if he were to fall, he would not survive…

But he was there, on the cornice, 2 meters down below.

Do not panic…

What do you do in such situation? Firelighters? I don’t have the number and my neighbour hates me guts. On top of that firefighters most probably don’t have a ladder high enough.

Take a picture??


Norman at the window.jpg

Of course no! It is a montage!!

First thing: to put on some clothes. I am in my bedclothes (tee-shirt & panties) and I need a short and sweater. I have been living in India for too long… Who cares about getting dressed when your cat is on a cornice on the 5th floor??

Second thing: fight with the lock of the window grid – it had the time to get rusted with the never-ending monsoon we just had…

And then what? Call the watchman? He is probably scared of cats anyways… I have watched the AC guy going down on the cornice so I assume I can do it too! And here I am, climbing down… Under the amazed gaze of my neighbour…

No damage, only a big scare. But what a scare!!!


On the sea side

Last Friday (Eid), I decided to enjoy the first sunrays of the end of the monsoon by lazing on a bench on the Bandra promenade (Carter Road).

And here I was. My (recently washed) hair in the wind, my aviator sunglasses on my nose, Sweet Things by U2 playing at maximum volume in my cask. I open my eyes, the sea, nothing else. And then, a head pops up. Then a bare ass. Then two hands pulling up a pair of trousers. Then a second head, a second ass, a second pair of hands.

Fuck man.

What about poetry??

Carter Rd.JPG


A cunning trick…

A couple of months after my arrival in India, I had to take a cab from Mumbai airport to Pune. I was a bit wary of rip-offs but I still got into a taxi that agreed to take me to Pune for 1 500 rupees (an almost decent price).

The same taxi dropped me right outside the airport premises, to another taxi. In a dark lane. This story did not sound too good.

The driver asked me to give him the money and I handled 3 notes of 500 rupees to him. He told me I had done a mistake and given 100 rs notes. Since these notes are very similar and it was very dark, I took 2 notes back and gave 2 new notes of 500.

And he was bald enough to tell me I had done the same mistake again!! I understood he had f… me and turned furious. He did not insist and took me safely to Pune.

Raaaaaaaaaa! That was my first and so far only big rip-off and it taught me to be cautious (not too expensive a lesson at the end…)