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Acting in an ad - bis repetita

After my grand debut for Bournivta ( my acting career had come to a standstill.

 There was this failed tentative that I did not tell anyone about: my “agent” had sent me for an audition. I was to act like a mum trying to feed her kid some yogurt while playing with her skirt (??). I was very bad, completely incapable of imagining the whole thing. I was done with acting!!

 And then my agent called me back, one year later…

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The fridge test

What do you do when the glass shelf of your fridge breaks and you live in India??

Like anywhere else in the world, you replace it!!


To start with, you might wonder how you can break such a shelf?? It’s pretty easy actually: you just put a flan / custard tart right from the oven onto the shelf!! Yeah, I know, it’s completely stupid but it was late when the damn thing finished cooking and waiting for it to cool down when it’s 30°C outside, good luck! The other option was to leave it outside and by the time I would get up I would have no flan and I would be invaded by ants. So… I took the chance to blow up my fridge and luckily ended up with only a broken shelf…


Yes, but what to do now?

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When Norman tries to escape

What do you do when your cat decide to jump through the window in India ??

I entered the living room the other day and heard Norman meowing for help. It was coming from the window but I could not believe it. I live on the 5th floor and if he were to fall, he would not survive…

But he was there, on the cornice, 2 meters down below.

Do not panic…

What do you do in such situation? Firelighters? I don’t have the number and my neighbour hates me guts. On top of that firefighters most probably don’t have a ladder high enough.

Take a picture??


Norman at the window.jpg

Of course no! It is a montage!!

First thing: to put on some clothes. I am in my bedclothes (tee-shirt & panties) and I need a short and sweater. I have been living in India for too long… Who cares about getting dressed when your cat is on a cornice on the 5th floor??

Second thing: fight with the lock of the window grid – it had the time to get rusted with the never-ending monsoon we just had…

And then what? Call the watchman? He is probably scared of cats anyways… I have watched the AC guy going down on the cornice so I assume I can do it too! And here I am, climbing down… Under the amazed gaze of my neighbour…

No damage, only a big scare. But what a scare!!!