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My new ad - Hippo Munchi's - The story board

More suspense!!

The story board of my scenes (looks simple like this but was not so easy!):

Scene 1.JPG

Scene 2.JPG

Scene 3.JPG


Ad - Hippo Munchi's

Suspense, suspense!!

The ad I shot was for Hippo Munchi's, kind of Indian chips, really good (I had to eat a pack of it while shooting!).

The ad should be on the air sometime this week...

In the meantime, a taste of it with their previous ad:


Acting in an ad - bis repetita

After my grand debut for Bournivta ( my acting career had come to a standstill.

 There was this failed tentative that I did not tell anyone about: my “agent” had sent me for an audition. I was to act like a mum trying to feed her kid some yogurt while playing with her skirt (??). I was very bad, completely incapable of imagining the whole thing. I was done with acting!!

 And then my agent called me back, one year later…

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