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Acting in an ad - bis repetita

After my grand debut for Bournivta ( my acting career had come to a standstill.

 There was this failed tentative that I did not tell anyone about: my “agent” had sent me for an audition. I was to act like a mum trying to feed her kid some yogurt while playing with her skirt (??). I was very bad, completely incapable of imagining the whole thing. I was done with acting!!

 And then my agent called me back, one year later…

She asked me to go for an audition – the shoot was during a week-end and well paid so without thinking I said yes. Then I thought, remembered the last experience, and did not want to do it anymore. I forgot to go for the audition (seriously)! She did not give up and sent a video of me. They took me and I had no more choice but to go!

On Friday I went to try the clothes and realised I was going to be a tourist!! I did not know more about the whole thing but I started to get excited about the new adventure! I will tell more about the ad which should be released within a couple of weeks…

Till then, they made me try a few wigs since they wanted me blond:  

Moi option 1.JPG

 Which one you think they selected??

Moi option 1.JPG


Moi option 2.JPG

Moi option 3.JPG

Moi option 4.JPG

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