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Yoga stories… 3

 The other day, I left the class, exhausted because 1. I had done the all session half-asleep because I had not been able to awake me on time (luckily my cat is well looking after me) and 2. the more I improve the more I have to do.


The teacher of the next class, around fifty, always wearing a white kurta (a kind of long shirt), asks me since how long I have been doing yoga. I try not to laugh answering 2 weeks.

And how do I find yoga? Tiring. It hurts everywhere, I sweat like a pig, no, really, it is Exhausting.

Tiring?? But how?? The guy looks super surprised !!

Obviously we do not practise same yoga…

Perhaps I will try his one day…


In the meantime, this is what I do:

yoga,asthanga yoga,astang yoga


 To download it: ashtanga-yoga-primary-series11.jpg


Yoga stories… 2

At my last class, my neighbor was super good.

I asked my teacher since how long he has been doing yoga??

But, in 3 months don’t not worry you will be at the same level!!

Mmmhhh… I am still at the stage where I find ressources to make the plank less hard (but apparently it is too visible: putting my belly on the ground and then crashing down like a pancake (it is a French expression), it is not a plank) so allow me to doubt that…


I thus ask the guy in question. Hum, 15 years why??


So I’m going back to bed…


Yoga stories… 1

Yoga... Well, it might take me some time…

We are very few students in the class and there is quite a big turnover.

The other day, my neighbor with yoga was, well, really weird… First I thought she was upset with her razor: she had hairs everywhere, under the armpits legs even a moustache. But then no, the right part of her head was shaved. After all, she must be upset with  symmetry: the nails of the left hand were painted but not those of the right hand.


Whatever it is, she stink and I almost died asphyxiated : the basic principles of my yoga is very deep inhalations before every movement, imagine!!