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About getting stranded and Indian hospitality


Four days after I got my vehicle, I had a dinner with a client in Bab-el-Oued (more than 20 kilometers from my place). And at night. And everyone telling me that it is not safe in Delhi (not safe for a girl to drive, not safe to drive at night because of the drunks who drive crazy).


Blessed be my Blackberry and Google Map! I arrived at my destination safely, and only 9 minutes late. Well, when I say my destination, I mean I reached the area of my destination. And when I was dialing my colleague’s number, my battery died… Oh f... And what am I gonna do now? I turn around for 20 minutes, hoping to find the restaurant by miracle. To no avail. I thus think to go back home but it would mean leaving my customer waiting for one more hour before informing him that I was cancelling and it is really not done!


On top of everything, it is past 8 PM, all the stores are closed...

I find a well lit electronics shop. I break like mad and park like a Parisian, enter and ask for a Blackberry charger. They show me a store opposite the road. I can’t find it. I go back to the store. I must look desperate, shaking my phone and my car keys because they offer me a seat and a charger!

I therefore spent the following twenty minutes waiting for my colleague watching Rocky on TV with the store guys that probably closed late that day just for me!


This is why! This is why I like the India.