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Ordeal number X: putting up a painting

(Sweet revenge on my landlady who keeps bugging me)


1. Take a nail, a hammer and make a start on the wall. Oups, the wall is in concrete, I just made an ugly little splinter.  

2. Ok, I’m gonna find someone to do it for me. But how?? Where??

3. Oh, how convenient, downstairs there is a guy who makes frames. He must know… Yay ! His neighbor key maker / plumber can come home and do it.

4. He put his dirty fingers on my white wall and he pierced…

5. Hum, why does he take his matchbox out?

6. Hum, why does he put matches in the hole he just pierced?

Well, just because I have met the Indian MacGyver !! He puts in the hole a lot of matches, knock a screw into it, and start screwing. It’s eco-friendly: no need of plastic rawplug!!


And now, I have a thought for the Indian guy who land in Paris and wants to put up his painting. Who is going to tell him that he need to go and buy nails from the do-it-yourself megastore, borrow a drill from his neighbour, be strong, pierce the wall and try avoiding hurting himself? Who is gonna tell him huh??