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When Norman tries to escape

What do you do when your cat decide to jump through the window in India ??

I entered the living room the other day and heard Norman meowing for help. It was coming from the window but I could not believe it. I live on the 5th floor and if he were to fall, he would not survive…

But he was there, on the cornice, 2 meters down below.

Do not panic…

What do you do in such situation? Firelighters? I don’t have the number and my neighbour hates me guts. On top of that firefighters most probably don’t have a ladder high enough.

Take a picture??


Norman at the window.jpg

Of course no! It is a montage!!

First thing: to put on some clothes. I am in my bedclothes (tee-shirt & panties) and I need a short and sweater. I have been living in India for too long… Who cares about getting dressed when your cat is on a cornice on the 5th floor??

Second thing: fight with the lock of the window grid – it had the time to get rusted with the never-ending monsoon we just had…

And then what? Call the watchman? He is probably scared of cats anyways… I have watched the AC guy going down on the cornice so I assume I can do it too! And here I am, climbing down… Under the amazed gaze of my neighbour…

No damage, only a big scare. But what a scare!!!


Sometimes it requires a lot of efforts to make your house comfy in India

When I want something, I just need to get it. And it is getting worse as the years go by… My dad can testify!!

The last obsession I suffered from was a bean bag, or rather a bean mattress. Ok, you can get it in India, but I wanted a good one. The particular brand I wanted was not exporting to India (of course) so I bought it in France, having in mind to carry it back with me during a trip to France…


And see what came home…



The weight was decent (10 kgs) but the dimensions not so… 60 x 60 x 110 cms… Sure Air France would charge me 200€ for the same and I don’t like giving Air France money for no reason…

Then I got a “brilliant” idea: I would transfer the “beans” in plastic bags. But plastic bags in card boxes and seal card boxes together (to have the right number of pieces of luggage)!! Well, not an easy task…


But it worked!!


The story is not quite over as when the Indian officers as the customs saw 3 huge card boxes, they wanted to check it. What they saw at the X-ray (polystyrene balls) left them quite puzzled… I was not too keen on opening the cartons so I tried to explain what was inside but they would not let go. So I told them “listen I’m hot, sick, tired, so just let me go ok?”. They asked me whether I was Indian (no) and if I spoke Hindi (yes – a little lie can not harm in this situation). And they let me go!!


Putting the beans back in the bag was a bit of pain as well, but totally worth it!!



Talking about cats...


No posting lately…

I've been very busy travelling, working and both...

So I have a new kitten (breed: Maine Coon / name: Norman (I didn't chose it) and I have funny stories about him! For instance, Shiv (my boyfriend, Indian), told me to stop playing with him with fake mice: it could give him ideas! Like chasing "real mices"...

It is not his fault really. In India, they don't know about cats. It took 2 months to my colleague to ask me where they peed and shat.

And another guy recently asked me: "we don't have cats in India. We always see people walking their dogs but never their cats". Yeah, well, that's because you don't usually take a cat out on a leash. Is it??

And to finish, my kitten!!



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