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Having a filthy day?

After three months away…

No I have not disappeared! I had thought (very naively) that I would have some time to “do my things” doing my maternity leave, like writing. But it went the other way around!!

And like if it was not enough to be haggard, drunk of fatigue, full of playful hormones (they say it is normal when you breastfeed), with a useless brain (not even capable to remember what I have done with a bottle of water I picked up two minutes ago – oh well, I put it in the cupboard, of course!), I got back to work, in a not-so-easy environment… And started yoga again (from 6 to 7 (AM!!))… But I am a Samurai, I can do it!!

My resolution of this getting-back-to-‘normal’-life is thus to start blogging again, posting every Monday instead of every other day…

And to start with, a video to remind us that some Indians don’t have it easy every day…



Let it rain

Many (non Indian) people are scared by the concept of monsoon (continuous rain for weeks).

But rains are life!!

Rains means being freed of the unbearable heat, rains mean seeing plants thriving everywhere, rains mean you will have food next year, and electricity also!! Here in India we love the rains!!

So if some times monsoon also means traffic, anarchy, damaged roads and flooding like below on Linking Road in Mumbai:

It mostly means amazing moments watching the rain falls, like here in Deo Bagh, Madhya Pradesh:


Mid-monsoon season cleaning session!

After one month away from home I decide to take back possession of my place. Which means getting rid of all the vermin the monsoons generously bring along. Not only because my parents are coming next week, no no no, it is also because it has become really filthy.

Now picture this!!

My maid enters the house to see me half naked, a terra-cotta mask on the face (all the vermin must go), perched on a stool cleaning the walls. She got a shock and found the motivation to also climb on a stool to clean the fans. Which have turned from white to black with dirt and this is no image…

Had she entered half an hour before, she would have found me getting rid of the dead mini-flies that keep appearing in my fridge after it got accidently unplugged for half a day two weeks ago… Which led me to inspect the fridge and discover all the black fungus thriving in the rubber thing.

Had she left half an hour later, I would have taken her to help me clean my car. For some reason water manages to get in and I have a nice grass blossoming on the passenger seat floor and anything in fake leather is covered with fungus.

Cleaning the walls proved a tedious task with orange and grey spots everywhere. And plain dust as well. I didn’t have the guts to clean the wall where infiltrations have been unstoppable – it has been raining more in my living room than outside! Which led my wooden shelf to turn white.

And to finish my “fumigation” I attacked my cat’s ear which has a special monsoon-parasite!

Aren’t monsoons fun??!!!

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