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Working in India: the salary structure

If you want to work in India (and not as a chef, translator or nurse), and you’re aiming at getting a normal Employment Visa (in other words you don’t have the Holy Grail, the OCI), then you must earn at least 100,000 rupees per month.

This year, I had to understand the Indian salary structure – it was about time you could tell me. I banged my head on the walls as my HR consultant was just NOT making it any easy! But now I think I understand it. So this is what it looks like (I can also provide a (very) precious excel file) for a foreigner who earns the minimum of 100,000 rupees per month or 1,20,000 a year without the bonus):

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About exemptions, with the example above, if you provide medical bills up to 15,000 Rs or of rent up to 2,81,000 Rs you can get tax reduction.

Be aware! This break-up or a similar one (sometimes there are some variations in the components of the 'Package' must be provided during registration to the FRRO (or in any case I was asked to in 2016 at the Gurgaon FRRO).

More info here on the wage structure: