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Me white girl, me whore

After almost 4 years in India, Indian guys can still disappoint me…

You are nice, friendly and they think they can bang you.

You tell them you have a boyfriend and they think it doesn’t matter, they can still bang you (she is white right??)…


I happened to meet an Indian guy in an “expat” event (the only one I ever went to) and he seemed pretty descent – educated, finance job and just nice. And I thought it could do no harm to my (sleeping) social life to get some friends…


I then was honestly too busy to meet him and also got pissed off when he started calling me “darling” or “love” in his texts. He told me I could only delete the texts if I didn’t want trouble with my boyfriend. Well, asshole, I don’t hide anything to him…


But, then, a month later, I got a little soft and agreed for coffee. I changed before and put my un-sexiest clothes on. It rapidly turned into a nightmare, with the guy getting onto all the clichés about Europeans he could think of, like:

-          We are all rich enough to travel in India,

-          We work less hours, earn loads of money,

-          We don’t care about our parents (we don't even love them),

-          We all love India and want to give up our nationalities – I had never heard that one before,

-          We all get divorced 3-4 times.


Of course I forgot the most important of all: “all white girls are whores”.

No need of words, he just acted: hugged me when we said bye, kissed me in the neck and pressed his penis on my thigh.

SICK. They make me sick.



well your point of view makes sense, thinking of the experience. But I don't think every person meets someone(expat) with that notion in mind. I have interacted with people, but not with an intention/thought of sex. I wanted to interact with people and get to know the culture aspect. so will be people on both sides..

Posted by: dilip pinto | 08/04/2010

hahaha! Sorry about that. We Indian males are mostly desperate bastards looking to screw anything. I think its probably due to the small-penis syndrome.
Anyway you should have booted this guy out when he sent those crap text messages.

Posted by: Ganesh | 08/14/2010

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