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They call it the CWG mess...

It’s not nice to criticise but well, I have been forced (by Shiv) to watch all the news about the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi. And I find it extremely boring – who cares about these stupid games?? But at times it gets funny too; and shocking. So here are some things that make me rise an eyebrow: 

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Commonwealth Games 2010 - Security upgrade

"Security upgrade.

To keep smaller monkeys away from the Games venues, Delhi's civic authorities have brought in 10 additional langurs to chase them away."

Hindustantimes, Tuesday September 24

And to chase terrorists away?? Shall they find bigger terrorists?? Or do nothing??


Grey langur


The world according to the Indians and the French!

Click on the pics to see them bigger.

So good!

How Indians see the world…


(Don’t be surprised, France doesn’t even exist! When I am asked in a train or something, it usually goes:

  • Vich country mam?
  • France 
  • ???
  • Europe
  • ???
  • The UK
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

To balance it, I found a map of how the French see/saw the world. Apparently this map was published in a French magazine in 1989 and drawn by a French guy:



More explanations:

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