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The fridge test

What do you do when the glass shelf of your fridge breaks and you live in India??

Like anywhere else in the world, you replace it!!


To start with, you might wonder how you can break such a shelf?? It’s pretty easy actually: you just put a flan / custard tart right from the oven onto the shelf!! Yeah, I know, it’s completely stupid but it was late when the damn thing finished cooking and waiting for it to cool down when it’s 30°C outside, good luck! The other option was to leave it outside and by the time I would get up I would have no flan and I would be invaded by ants. So… I took the chance to blow up my fridge and luckily ended up with only a broken shelf…


Yes, but what to do now?

First, resist the urge to cry. Everything is possible, you can do it. Even though right now you have no idea how.

Secondly, go through all the ideas you would have in France to fix this issue (just to better realise it won’t work here). For instance, no need to go the hardware superstore where you bought the fridge. You have tried it already and they don’t have spare parts for foreign stuff (why on earth did I buy a stupid Chinese fridge?? Well, I did not know Haier was Chinese, it sounds German. Bloody tricky Chinese).

You can also go on the website and send a mail to the customer service but you already know it won’t help. They don’t have their own shop in India so you are screwed.


For some time, you entertain the idea to buy it from France (Pavlovian reflex: to get back to the roots). But the French website is no better… And you have to confess, this is not very practical.

You also think of going to the hardware superstore and discreetly leave with a shelf. Not easy but possible.


You end up taking measurements of the said-shelf and go to the Muslim market (meddling into the crowd, identifying the right person, explaining what I need without speaking the same language, for a shy person like me, it is a huge effort). They have everything there. And you indeed find a glassmaker!! Here we are, a brand new glass shelf for 150 rs (might be too much but who cares??)!!


You proudly go home with your shelf. You resist the urge to break it on the head of the biker, stopped at the signal, who sends you disgusting smacks – though it is really tempting: it is so rare to have the right tool to punish such idiots!!

And then you try it. And of course the width is not correct. (at the bottom of your heart you knew it so you don't actually fall apart). You can’t ask to much to my half-brain in activity…


To get over with it, you then decide to face the glassmaker who, most probably, is going to take you for an idiot. You don't really care about what the glassmaker can think of you but still, it is never nice to feel stupid. And inevitably his sardonic smile meant “ah, women…” (finally it was not so bad that we don’t speak the same language!). And here you are!!


A nice shelf and a brilliant desert!

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