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Correspondance with my landlady - Very sorry ... cannot accept your requests

This is becoming too much, I can’t hold it anymore! I have to tell about my landlady.


Anyone in India for some time will know that being a foreign tenant in India is not easy, especially a single white girl. I had my share of crap.

My previous landlord asked me “who was the guy” staying with me – not to ask sleeping with me. Well, it was my brother, visiting for 5 days… I could have slapped this idiot.


So, basic rule: forget your privacy. Yes, your business is also your neighbours’ business.


Last year I shifted because my landlord was asking for unfair increase of the rent and I didn’t like it.

I found this very nice flat, decently priced and on top of that, owned by a nice funny lady, catholic and NRI (Canadian citizenship). Finally someone who would understand me!!


My f………… ass!!


So now, a few extracts of our correspondence…

I had sent her a mail to inform her about my (female) friend staying home for 5 days and my parents for also 5 days. And here is the answer... The most irritating is that I told her "if you need police clearance, fair enough, I will get it but I will have people over". And then she was like, no, no, no need... Then don't piss me off!!


Very sorry ... cannot accept your requests


am sorry I cannot allow you to have your friends stay at the apartment whilst you are away.

1)  We do not have a police clearance for the person (and this becomes a serious security issue especially with foreign nationals)
2)  Who is going to be responsible for this person, if you are not there ?   She being new to the city, it would be very unsafe and unwise to leave her alone in the apartment.
Re. your parents visit
  We would need passport copies of your parents, should we be asked for identities. 

These are requirements of every building societies.

Kind regards


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