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Correspondence with my landlady - Neighbour

I dropped a mail to inform my landlady that any time I would come home, the neighbour would leave the door ajar and spy on me. What the fuck??



Emilie,  I do know you are a very decent and respectable person.   I understand  what you say.


The neighbour, Mr. D'Souza is the secretary of the society.  He and his family are very nice people but they tend to be nosy  and tend to be the watchdog of the society, as he gets questioned by the other members of the committee.


He had informed me that there is another girl living in the apartment and had told me that no one other than yourself should be living in the flat, as they have police clearance only for you.  Should anyone else be living in the flat,  we need by law to get police clearance for each one of them.


I had told him that you have a friend visiting you for a short time  and that she would be leaiving soon.


Emilie, we should have no problems, as long as we dont have anyone besides yourself living in the flat.   You did tell me that your boyfriend will be visiting you and that is fine.


As far as your safety is concerned, I can assure you that this family next door are very decent and  that you have nothing to  worry.


The only thing we could do Emilie, is to ignore these nosy people  and soon they will realise themselves  what a good and decent neighbour they have.

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