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Correspondence with my landlady- Pet Policy

I was nice enough to ask if I could keep a cat. What is this stupid excuse of saying it might create a problem (with the ugly, old and handicapped) neighbour dog. That thing can not even walk!

We have not had any guest have pets on the premises,   as  I and my older son are allergic to cat fur. 
However  my younger son Troy has a pet cat  Frodo  and he has just won our hearts.
(and of course ruined  our furniture ...  using it as a scratch post !)

The next door people have a dog  and I am not sure how this would work... 

They would try any "excuses" to make problems.

I understand you are alone and would love a pet...  but if you could hold it for some time ...  I should be down  and we could talk about it then.

You take care.

Love and best wishes


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