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Indian weddings & lavishness

After Gandhi and the Kama Sutra, one of the most famous traditions in India is certainly the wedding…


I am not really into weddings, but here, it is THE event of a lifetime. Whatever your rank in the society, you will give it all for the event, full fledge.


The weddings are different according to the areas and the castes. Those of North are known for their opulence and their duration. For example, the marriage, last month, of the son of a politician, said to have cost 16 million euros (8 000 guests), triggered reactions…


They now speak of passing a law to limit this “opulence” but I wonder how they will ever be able to apply that!!


The full article: 'Austere' CLP shuns lavish weddings - The Times of India.pdf


Susheela Raman

Maya, Album Salt Rain (2011)

Ye meera divanapan hai, Album Love Trip (2003)


Dildong dildong

Yesterday I was having a discussion about sex toys and I discovered something major (and unsuspected):india,sex toys,dildo,sex,ban,section 292,kama sutra they are banned in India!! I had no idea!!

So imagine I just come back from France with a dildo and they stop me at the custom… What would happen??

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