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Dildong dildong

Yesterday I was having a discussion about sex toys and I discovered something major (and unsuspected):india,sex toys,dildo,sex,ban,section 292,kama sutra they are banned in India!! I had no idea!!

So imagine I just come back from France with a dildo and they stop me at the custom… What would happen??

Read below

Well, I have gone through the law article which bans it (dating back 1860!!), the Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code. It specifies that whoever uses "a book, pamphlet, paper, writing, drawing, painting, india,sex toys,dildo,sex,ban,section 292,kama sutrarepresentation, figure or any other object, […] deemed to be obscene if it is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest" is punishable. But the article also specifies the punishable uses which are “sale, hire, distribution, public exhibition or circulation” of the same.

Nowhere is personal use mentioned… On top of that, there is an exception: objects “which is kept or used bona fide for religious purposes”. So at the custom, you can just say it's a lingam* and you need it for the Shiva puja!! Ancient sculptures are also an exception. Now what about the Part 2 of the Kama Sutra book (the sexual part)??

The punishment is up to 2 years imprisonment and 2 000 Rs fine (around 30€) the first time and 5 years and 5 000 Rs the second.

I have also found out from an article from 2007 that one can “just walk into the Capital's Palika Bazaar or Mumbai's Crawford Market and the repertoire of sex toys - everything from dildos to inflatable latex dolls; the Indian market is estimated at Rs 500 crore (100 million €)”.

There is also this article from 2004: “As many as 500 parcels containing products associated with sexual pleasure — vibrators, videos, magazines and other equipment — are received at the foreign post office every month. However, the parcels — mostly credit card transactions over the internet from sex shops or gifts from relatives or friends abroad — never make it to those they are addressed to. Apparently, the men and women who send for these sex toys are unaware of the fact that all parcels are routinely opened up at the Customs office in the post office premises. ‘‘We send a notice to the addressee each time we find an objectionable item, as we need clarification about its nature and use. Usually, they don’t turn up as they are embarrassed or sometimes as they don’t want to pay the import duty’’. The items that are received at the post office mostly include electronic vibrators of varying shapes and speed mechanisms, air-blown life-size dolls, vacuum pumps, phallus rings and pornography in books and CDs.

 ‘‘When the law bans their entry into India and experts confirm that they’re sex toys, we’ve to seize and destroy them as per rules.” Dr Paras Shah terms the laws and the attitude of Customs officials as unfair. ‘‘These aren’t always toys needed by perverts as they are often medically advised,’’ Dr Shah said. ‘‘Vibrators are recommended for women suffering from delayed orgasm and vaginismus. Widowers and unmarried young men are advised to use dolls rather than visiting prostitutes and contracting AIDS. Vacuum pumps help increase penile size while phallus rings delays ejaculation and provides clitoral stimulation to women with sexual handicap,’’ he added.

And while the Customs Department asserts that they routinely ‘‘destroy’’ such equipment, many find their way into the black market, mainly in Ahmedabad and Vadodara, and are priced between Rs 600 and Rs 30,000.”

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* Lingam = sexual representation of Shiva in the form of a penis that is commonly found in Hindu temples...


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