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Yoga? You said yoga??

This morning, still sleeping like during the holidays (sleeping early and getting up early – yes it is not usual but in a country where most places do not have electricity it is rather normal), I got up to go to…  my first class of… yoga!! Yes yes. I did hope that it would rain and I would not be able to go but no…

I thus gathered my strengths to go to a place full of unknown people (when you are shy, you are shy) and I took my first lesson of yoga.


For the story, I have never been attracted by yoga. But then, upon my mother’s insisting, I tried to register in Pune (in the Iyengar center) but their bureaucracy irritated me and I gave up.

When I arrived Mumbai, I began aerobic one in the gymnasium of a college. That was good exercise but after 6 months, my dash broke with the holidays.

Since then I have been looking to practice sport. In vain. Not one squash court, nor badminton (the only way is to be a member of a “club”), no gym with step classes, and I stopped running after a big fall caused by a stupid root.

Then I had this brilliant idea: if I can not make any exercise in Mumbai (because of a lack of space), but yoga, it must be a sign.

To find a yoga class however was not so easy. And I did not want a private teacher – I want to socialise!

And then which yoga?? After some research, I chose Ashtang Yoga. Why?? Because that is also called “Power Yoga”. Stupid reason but well…

So this morning I learned that Ashtang yoga is a yoga which is based much on the breath and I made my exercises like a good girl – at the beginning the teacher was surprised/worried that I had never practiced any yoga but I did quite well!!


So here I am, having yoga class 2 times a weeks, early morning, 5 minutes walking distance from home, and we are two in the class, which is really nice!!

Let’s see for how long I’ll hold ;)

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