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So the Tziganes? Are they from India??

india,gypsies,origin,tziganesDuring centuries their origin remained a mystery. The most eccentric assumptions were made. They were the children of Adam and a woman before Eve, the descendants of the Telamones (from Northern Africa), the sons of a lost tribe of Israel?


Today the experts seem to recognize unanimously the Indian origin of the Tziganes. The linguists have confirmed that the language of the Tziganes was close to the "Hindi-rajasthani" Sanskrit and that it had gotten enriched during their trips with words borrowed from the vocabularies of the countries they crossed.


We don’t know the reasons of their departure of India around the IXth and Xth centuries. (According to texts partly from history and partly from legend, a few thousands of Tziganes (called then "Zott", " Rom" or "Dom") would have been sent by a king of India to his cousin the king of Persia to show him their talent of musicians.)


Their first migrations led them to the north of the Indus towards Iran, Greece and Europe via the Byzantine empire. The presence of the Tziganes is clearly attested in Constantinople in 1150. Since they were established for a long time in the Byzantine empire, their language became very influenced by Greek.

It is in August 1419 that they are spotted in France in Châtillon-on-Chalaronne. In the XIVth century the Roms started to come to Central Europe.


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