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Bed sheets story

Have I already told you about bed sheets??


How surprised I got the first time I went to buy bed sheets in India: I discovered that fitted sheets do not exist here… But then?? But how??

How do we do without fitted sheets? Well, like everyone else, you tuck your normal sheet under the mattress. It gets untucked all the time but it works.


Someone who must have been annoyed of hearing me grumbling about this suggested me to have bed sheets made. Ah the brilliant idea!! At once I bought a sheet and run to the tailor - to whom I explained (at length) the concept of bed sheets.

Three days later I picked up my fitted sheets, super happy!! Except that, when reaching home, I unfolded them and even if I am not physician, I could clearly see that with an opening of only one meter diameter, I was not going to put the double mattress inside.

Just to be sure, I nevertheless tried. But I did not even succeed in putting one side inside!!

So I called the tailor. Who told me something like “but you are sure? You have to pull, it’s elastic.” The tailor, who had never heard of fitted sheets in his live, was making fun of me!!

But he ended up increasing the rubber band. And that worked!!


Though I did not do it again and now sleep in with normal sheets. That is called “adapting”!!


One day, I will tell you about the mattresses…

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