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When a road hog turns into a...

Let us resume where we left it!

We were talking about me chasing a young Indian girl who had bumped into my car...

It took me a week or two to contact her, not really knowing how much to ask for the car damage. I was not even really sure she would answer. And my favorite Indian was even less convinced! But she did. The surprise was to be for a different reason:

  • Me: Hello
  • Her: Hi! How are you?
  • Me: Good good. And you?
  • Her: Good too :) I've been meaning to message you to for a while now.
  • Me: Haha! Me too...
  • Me: Tough to take care of this guy's stuff...
  • Her: :) I've been meaning to offer you a yoga class or a reiki session if you would like that.
  • Me: Are you a yoga teacher?
  • Her: Yes. what do you do?
  • Me: I work for a dog food company. Where do you teach?
  • Her: Cool. I teach at the Yoga House and private classes
  • Me: Ok...
  • Me: I used to go there
  • Me: I'm actually looking for yoga
  • Me: But prenatal...
  • Her: Hahaha well guess what, that is what I teach
  • Me: You are serious??
  • Her: Yes :)
  • Me: Well life has its own ways...

So. Life does have its own ways. To not hide anything, I had been lookindia,yoga,prenatal yoga,pregnancying very actively for a prenatal yoga teacher for more than a month, without great success, and destiny put me it on my way (so to say ;) ).

And it turned out it was not the only thing destiny had in store for me!

I went to take my trial class at the Yoga House and I met a French mother-to-be. At three and a half months of pregnancy, I thus set my first foot in the world of motherhood... Her advice has been / is valuable, my level of knowledge about pregnancy has significantly expanded (at the same time I come from very very very far) and thanks to her I now know many women to whom I can ask my dumb questions! Quite reassuring when you are thousands of kilometers about your family and friends and clueless about babies...

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