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A question of fashion...

Everyone is different.

Though, there are some cultural features that we can not deny.

For instance, in France, it is very dirty and disgusting to burp, to clear one’s throat or nose, to spit.

But in India, this is accepted. So be it. How many times in a restaurant I had to stop eating because of such noises?? But it is to me to adapt.

In India, on the contrary to France, it is disgusting to use a handkerchief when you need to empty your nose – at least with most people (my very dear boyfriend always use one but a taxi wallah once got very angry with me and told me to open the door and empty my nose how I could).

On a more funny note, this is what you frequently see in winter time:



yes, you are not dreaming: socks with open shoes... Though not disgusting, for a French it is very ugly (I guess a German would not agree with me!). It is a very personal opinion though!!


Looking for a good reason to get married?

I took me some time to trace this ad but it's worth it...

So that's the story of a girl who denies the (good) guy found by her dad. So her mum tooks her to the jeweller, she tries on some wedding jewels and changes her mind.

No comment...


Some good sites to visit in India

If you don't know what to see in India, you can always try the sites protected by the Unesco - those I have visited so far are totally worth it!!

Ok, the 23 of them in one trip might be a bit too much...

The PDF document: Map Unesco India.pdf

Map Unesco India.JPG