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Traffic police in Kolkata

I met a policeman who looked like this in Kolkata:


I could not take a picture but I noticed something very special. Apart from the fact that he looked like a Village People with his plastic straps, the crotch area was brownish!India,Kolkata,cop,uniform,straps,white,balls

This is what happens when you give a white uniform to Indians who, as we all know, love scratching their balls... And they must be spending a lot of time doing it when you see the mess that happens the moment a cop replaces a traffic light!


Where I will demonstrate that the human being is not (inherently) good...



I did a test and asked foreigners who have stayed in India their reaction when they cross this kind of disabled people in the streets of Mumbai (I did say the streets, not the sidewalks (because there is none)).

The first reaction: "Oh my God the poor man! How is it possible? It's too horrible! »

The second reaction: “But can’t he circulate somewhere else?? I can’t believe it, he is creating traffic!! A real public danger... »

This is awful...


Dildo! Who wants my dildo??


Dildo market.jpg

You want specs ? Kid toys ? Watches ? Dildo??

Wait a minute!! What did you say?? Dildo??

Though it is illegal in India to sell sex toys (cf section 292 of the Indian Penal Code - sources below), I just stumbled upon the Mumbai sex toys market (or at least its 3 stalls)! I think it is just a container that fell from the truck because only one model was available…

And I also think that there is a good chance the stall keepers don’t know what it is ;)

Anyways, it is pretty incredible to see this on the street just like that!! (Veer Narman Road for those who are interested ;) ).

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