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Just to make you dream...

 It does make you dream doesn't it?  

(PS: rêve means dream in French)



Construction on the streets of Mumbai.


For some reason, Indians love to give French names to their buildings, may look fancy, even with spelling mistakes (like The Souvenier, Palais Royale etc.)



White versus Black

india,salt,pepperBeware: in India, to satisfy the taste buds deformed by spices, pepper and salt are reversed! I who hate pepper got f... so many times...

And I still do given that sometimes there are pranksters who decide to play like the European and invert again!




The challenge when ypi live in India is to find a meaning to the multitude of inconsistencies you encounter every day. There are times when there is one (meaning) and there are times when there is none. At least it keeps your (Cartesian) mind busy.

And to illustrate this powerful thought, one example: after landing at Jaipur the front passengers disembark with a gateway, and those in the rear with a bus. Try and understand...