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Dancing in the rain!

How to keep yourself busy on a Saturday?? Spending 8 hours in a car to see your guys splashing each other in a second-zone water resort with super loud music? Maybe not the most appealing week-end is it? ;)

Except that watching them having fun under the water rain was priceless!! And without alcohol...

And it happened just after a conversation I had with a friend who regrets that the adult of today has lost his “innocence” and is not able to “connect with his inner child” anymore, too bothered by what the others think to truly enjoy life. He should have come with me!

On Bollywood music:


And on Gangnam Style ! 


Let it rain

Many (non Indian) people are scared by the concept of monsoon (continuous rain for weeks).

But rains are life!!

Rains means being freed of the unbearable heat, rains mean seeing plants thriving everywhere, rains mean you will have food next year, and electricity also!! Here in India we love the rains!!

So if some times monsoon also means traffic, anarchy, damaged roads and flooding like below on Linking Road in Mumbai:

It mostly means amazing moments watching the rain falls, like here in Deo Bagh, Madhya Pradesh:


Imli-ji in Madhya Pradesh - Videos

If ever you doubt the demographic intensity or the importance of faith in India, here are some videos I took in Madhya Pradesh during Shiva's month.

People gathering to Shiva's temple (in the middle of nowhere) on a Monday (Shiva's day)

Kids getting ready for a procession in Maheswar

Village procession one night in Maheshwar

Getting the idol (a photo of the statue of the queen Ahilya) ready for the procession in Maheshwar