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Arachnid story

First pee break in Assam.

First encounter…




This lady was not moving so I decided to pee anyways – but askew, in order to watch her.


Two days later, on Majuli island.

We are exploring the monastery guest house: we have to pump the water and the loo is Indian.  


So be it, we can accommodate! I go for a pee. Shit, I forgot to bring toilet paper. Well, it’s not like it is the first time, I will use water… I go to reach for the bucket and then, a huge spider jumps. And here I am, with my pants on my ankle, a monster standing between the door and me. I managed to get out and elected a new toilet: nature!!






Majuli Island - Part 2

Majuli Island, Assam - April 2011



Majuli Island, a land forgotten by the time...


It is now becoming famous, thankf to its "dancing monks" who live in "Satras" (monasteries). These monks pray Vishnu, in his Krishna avatar - there are different branches and rules depending on the monasteries...

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