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Everybody not be Michael Jordan...

Simply baffling...

India,toilets,loo,toilet paper


Sometimes I wonder how the connections in some brains are working?


What does this picture tell us? 

  1. Some Indians also use toilet paper (and not only the spray hose), probably to dry their ass.

  2. Some Indians do not throw paper in the toilet – which is the case in many countries where the piping is not adapted to these new ‘methods’ (wiping ones bottom with toilet paper).

  3. Some Indians do not know how to aim or do not understand the opening mechanism of a trash bin.

  4. Some Indians do not put themselves in the shoes of the cleaning lady and do not have much respect for her. 

Seriously, this trash bin after the visit of auditors / consultants leaves me speechless...


PS: Note that no, the trash can was not full.


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Indian loos for dummies!

India,loo,Indian loo,toilets

Quite interesting this poster in the bathroom of German Bakery in Kovalam (Kerala), I even learnt a few tips! Maybe one day I will be able to avoid splashing urine on my feet… Indian loos are cool coz you don't get bored: all the while you're peeing you wonder: Why don't they put handles all over the wall (when your thighs are about to give in and you are in the middle of a stomach effort and you have to lean a hand on the wall, it is not easy to keep the pose!)? How do old women and pregnant ladies do? How do constipated people can squat for more than 3 minutes?? And old constipated ladies?? Well,apparently it is all a question of habit...

Despite all that I have started preferring Indian toilets to European ones: it is just cleaner (most of the time). My main problem is that I (most of the time) forget to carry paper so I end up with a wet ass (I do clean water, Indian style!) and it is not the nicest feeling - especially at the end of the day, when everything has been basking ;)

And also because one day my Blackberry took a dive in the Indian loo of Madurai airport, and I (by I, I mean the maintenance guy) was able to retrieve it – I for one would have never thought that the extension of the loo was an underground tray and not a pipe! And there was not a drop of water on the phone thanks to the case. Lucky nah??

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