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Staying in Andamans paradise

From Kolkata we took a flight to Port Blair.   
Upon arrival, a pleasant surprise: the taxi of the hotel was waiting for us! And drove us straight to a restaurant to have some good grilled fish before boarding the boat.         
We then let the staff drive us to the jetty, then to the boat, then to the hotel and then we went from discovery to discovery ...    

Firstly a huge hall made entirely of wood ... Then a great looking guy that came out of nowhere (and who proved later to be the barman - God be praised!) ... Then our tent quite ugly from the outside but what a surprise when you enter a luxury desert tent... And finally the beach. Beach 7. Radhanagar Beach. Voted one of 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia. And no disappointment!     

Andamans - Novembre 2012


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Live from paradise!

If you are looking for me I am here (put the sound!):

Barefoot resort, Havelock Island, Andamans Islands, India


To my question: “Is there mobile network on the island?” the resort guy answered “Do note that network is very poor and most of the time is not working.” To which I commented… “Perfect!”


So here I am, somewhere on an island, good weather not guaranteed and crocodiles in option (see the fatal attack: article) but I WILL sleep!! Reminds me of this song “Lovers keep on loving, believers keep on believing, sleepers stop sleeping”…


I had initally planned to visit a few islands, but the 12 hour bus ride to go up north and the 12 hour boat ride to go down south put me off. My ass and I will go that resort and spend 5 full days and nights there and that's about it!!