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My latest fad!! Rajasthani soldiers…


For those who know me this won’t come too much as a surprise: difficulty does not prevent me from doing anything. Importing a Fatboy mattress from France?? It was actually quite tough because though it was light, the size of the carton was too big so Air France wanted to charge me 200€. So I emptied the beans in plastic bags, put the plastic bags in cartons and sticked the cartons together to have only 3 pieces!!

Importing a cat from Greece?? No problem…


Below is the full story



So recently, I found a giraffe statue in the UK which I liked. But transportation was more expensive than the statue and I hate extra taxes!! So when I saw the giant Rajasthani statues in Jaipur, I said banco!!


I discussed the price, then transportation – no way to carry the 2 statues (30 kg each) in the plane…


In India, everything is possible.

But you never know when it happens.


Every time it was suitable for me, the vendor found some excuses to not send the statues. And finally one day the delivery person called me and was about to come. At 1 PM!! When I am at work…

To make it short, I tried calling the guy and his office about 20 times and every time they would cut the phone because they don’t speak English. I did tell them, “ok hindi but slowly”. Nothing today. Out of frustration, I started to yell in the street to just send me my fucking delivery immediately!! I also called the vendor – who speaks some English – to let go of my anger. I knew he would not be able to help much but hey, he chose the transporter!!

The next day, I asked help from my colleague (which I was trying to avoid, independent me…) and got my statues!!


The stupid watchman refused to let the delivery people use the elevator so I had to take my statues up by myself. Then unwrap them and find a place for the huge cartons (see last pic). A bloody task!! I haven’t sweat that much in a long time…


But I have my statues now!!






Click on the pic to make it bigger…

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