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Hindi - The teacher / masseur

Sooo?? How is my Hindi class with my teacher / masser?


First class: all good. I really appreciate his method: every time he teaches me a new word/rule of grammar, he asks me to say sentences in Hindi. Exactly what I needed!


Second class: the sentences I have to translate are a little weird. “D. (it is him) is a bad man.” “I do not want to go to the movie with D.” “I do not go to D.’s house.” And other things. For example he explains me the difference between “aap” (you with respect) and “tum” (you with more intimacy): “Now you say “aap” to me but when we get closer you will tell me “tum”.” And then he asks me to make a last sentence. I say something like “Today I have a lot of work.” And he goes: “Oh I am disappointed.” “??” “I thought you were going to say that you will miss me…” Mmmhhh…


To finish, towards the end of the course, as I was yawning, he tells me: “ah this is too bad, the class is almost finished. If we had had 15 minutes more I would have given you a massage. ” I say no thank you. “But there is no need to touch, it is reiki”. I say no, not my things. He leaves…


To be continued!

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