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My daily life in Mumbai - Walking back from work on the beach

After playing Mario Kart in the morning I decided to be Super Mario and walk back from work by the beach…

It was a good opportunity to try my new  Gopro video camera! Ok there is a (very) big scope for improvement but it gives an idea of what a trip it was!

With the soccer balls, cricket balls, dead dogs, crapping men, breed dogs, joggers, people starting at me, the bridge of trash and to finish crossing the slum with two weddings… But there was a beautiful sunset!

I have to say that day it was particularly tough man… With a horrendous smell all the way on top of everything…



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My daily life in Mumbai - The morning rickshaw ride

So here's how it starts: with a 10 minute rickshaw ride (sometimes I drive my car also, when I am well awake and have the courage to go play Mario Kart TV reality style  – being well awake has its importance here, because otherwise I have to work my way through the crowd with my mirrors and somehow people don’t seem so happy about that...):






View from the sky: My itinerary from Home to Office in Mumbai




My daily life in Mumbai

I have been asked what my routine looks like many times so here we go!

Every morning I wake up at the sounds of the bells of the Hanuman temple next door. Actually no, they don’t wake me up anymore even if the first time I heard them at 7:30 I kinda freaked out! The wedding season is ending, so I hope that there will be fewer weddings: I like the spirit but much less the damn noise just downstairs they make almost every night with the band and all!

I live 15 minutes away from work by car/rickshaw and I cross a slum each time, not easy to move through! But I also have the option of walking 30 minutes on the beach. The only downside is all the Indians (especially the kids actually) staring at me; it discourages me to take that way...

I work a lot, often ten hours a day. For lunch I eat fruit or else I order Indian food (butter chicken is my favorite).


In the evening I often go for a drink at the terrace of the Novotel, with a colleague or friends. I try to do some sport but at this time of the year it's a little too hot to even walk (so running forget it). I often get my groceries delivered (I go to the market on the weekend for fresh products) and I cook dinner – so finally I don’t eat a lot of Indian food.


My daily life is often punctuated by annoying little things like repairing a broken cupboard door, fixing the AC, fighting with the neighbour because of the water leakage, the car washer who disappears, my cat attacking the maid, Internet bugging, electrical wires burning because of overload, a dead car battery etc. But I have learned to take things easy: it will all work well in the end... And the good part is that in India people (electrician, plumber etc.) will come even at 10 PM (at least in my area which is a slum area)....


During the weekend I rest. Or I go to the pool. I fill up the fridge or go shopping. I go for massages. I party in one of the happening places of Mumbai (we have about 20 of them I’d say). There is nothing really exciting to do! Ah yes, I read, play Sudoku and I also spend a decent time writing my blog.


That being said I don’t have much of a routine because I travel a lot, for my job and personally, in India and abroad. I’d say that I am in average out 2 days a week minimum... And in India something “extraordinary” happens almost every day so there is no much space for a daily grind!