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Summer serie "pics of India on the spur of the moment" - Losing hair?

I have talked at length about hair and hairs and hair stuff - a big topic in India!

And here is one clinic that offers to get you your hair back!


But careful cause you might also get a new face!



Summer serie "pics of India on the spur of the moment" - The Sikh

I have spoken at length about Sikhs and their hair and their turbans (always with respect I hope). As far as I am concerned, if they want to wear a turban when it is 45 degrees outside, it's their problem!!

But I have to say, at times they make me laugh. For instance this guy, with his beard net, really looks like he just comes from the dentist!



Seeing life in orange...

Here is what happens when I decide to do things differently... And dress up funny to see the Taj with my friends!!

We throw in a few ideas, most of them impractical since my friends are visiting and don't have so many clothes... And it so happens that it is only in orange that I have 3 tee-shirts!! So here we go, we will be the orange team!!


But the story doesn't stop here... Everyone seems to have had the same idea!!


Well actually it turns out the Shiva processions from Delhi to Haridwar have started and Agra is on the way... And the pilgrims' colour is orange...

So much for being oranginal!!