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So? Are you going to stay in India?

The hundred rupee question...

Question that can be legitimately ask me after five and half years but that annoys me no less. Since I don’t have the answer.


However, what I can say is that despite all the warnings of Mumbaite friends, Delhi is a city fairly "easy" to live in.

Cleaner, more spacious, more fluid, more cultural than Mumbai.

Less accessible (nothing can be reached on foot), less dynamic (everything closes early), less populated (even if the numbers are equivalent, there is not the same feeling of overcrowding), less open on the horizon (obviously the sea is not there), less secure at night... To cut it short two completely different cities...


Finally, as I am used to say, it is not the location that makes the place but rather the people you meet... And so far the Delhiites I met are rather cool!


When I moved to Mumbai, I thought I would never get used to the moisture. Feeling sticky all the time was not really my cup of tea, having bed sheets smelling of mushrooms either. And finally? I looked at my household tools get rusted one after the other. I learned to eat moldy bread. In short I did get used to it.


And in Delhi I feel hot. I feel very hot. I feel very very hot. I get up with nausea because I feel so hot. I hardly eat because I feel so hot. I'm tired because I feel so hot. Enough complaining let us talk about this next summer!!


And I am not kidding, see what happened to my candles!!







First days of rain in Delhi

July 8th 2012, on the terrasse of my building...





No need of a directory to find a carpenter!

If employment agencies are driving you crazy, try the Indian style:


Sit in the corner of a street, with all your carpenter friends, and wait for work to come to you!!

In India you can go to the vegetable market, furniture market, plumber market. Easy isn't it?