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Indian books

I have started a list of the books I have read about India and/or by Indian authors... See on the right!

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Shiva devotees

Wait for it ; wait for it.

(This is video is not about the Delhi traffic!!)


At this time of the year (Savan month), millions (about 3) of Shiva devotees will cross Delhi on their way back from Haridwar to their villages. They are carrying, bare-foot, on more than 400 kms sometimes, holy water from the Ganges to bring back to their temple.


Indian melting-pot: migrations since the origins...

The Tziganes research made me curious: someone told me that actually Tziganes had populated India!! It is quite not accurate, though India is a real melting pot, and this since prehistoric times! 

I made a small synthesis of all that… (and that was not easy!)



At the beginning there was nothing.

Then there was the Indus civilization – about which we apparently don’t know much.

And after that there was a big mess.



Here is how it goes (please tell me if I got it wrong!):


§          Indus civilization

§          Invasion of Indus valley by the Aryens of Bactria (around 1000 BC).

§          Invasion of Indus valley  by the Persians (end of the 6th century BC)

§          Invasion of Indus valley by the Greeks who kept coming and leaving (from 325 to 50 BC) during the local Maurya dynasty (325 to 187 BC).

§          Invasion by the Indo-European tribes coming from China (the Yue Tché and the white Huns) (from 45 to 550).

§          Muslim dominations alternately between the Turks and the Afghans (from 997 to 1526).

§          Turko-Mughal dominations (from 1526 to 1857, year when the last Mughal emperor died).

§          European invasions (first Portuguese (1535) then Danish, French and British).


An approximative map (by myself):






To know more, download the full file: Migrations to India from the origns to 1860.pdf

Or read below:

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