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  • Ah, Guruji!

There is a friend of mine who always amazes me: when he has to make an important decision, he will go and ask Guruji. I respect it of course but I have to confess it’s completely beyond me!6a00d83451e1dc69e201053722d94b970b-800wi2.jpg

Probably because of my very Sartrian education… According to Sartre, man has to face all the consequences of God non-existence without any help or guidance. Invent your path etc. etc. So for me, going to someone to ask which kind of diet I should follow is just impossible…

I did some research on Gurus since it seems so present in India.

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Mmmhhh, how tasty…

We talk about the casts a lot but we don’t know much about it.


This is how I discovered this charming community of shit pickers with bare hands: the manual scavengers of Vidisha - 15.12.2010.pdf. Their job: go to people’s places, manually scavenge and bring the pot outside the house, with the shit sometimes dripping.

This has been banned by the law but it is still practiced. Some people do it even by choice, or at least be fear of being “mocked”.


This brings us back to the Middle-Age in France. After all, we invented the chamber pot!! But we stopped using it somewhere in the 20th century… (when we became “conquering bourgeois” who made natural needs disgusting).


Flying in India - Part 2

I was talking about flying in India…

And now I am going to talk about the lack of discipline of Indian flyers. (I have not yet mentioned all the throat and digestive noises that you hear nor the sweat smells that you cant’ escape but I won’t).

No, I would like to talk about the landing only.

In India, as soon as the wheels have touched the track, everyone is up – the staff does not react anymore. There is no need to ask them why they rush like this, they all do…

And it can even be dangerous to stand (rebelliously) in the way of someone who wants to grab his bag while you have decided for the doors to open before you move!

This ad is a good illustration of this. I love self-deprecating!