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Dildong dildong

Yesterday I was having a discussion about sex toys and I discovered something major (and unsuspected):india,sex toys,dildo,sex,ban,section 292,kama sutra they are banned in India!! I had no idea!!

So imagine I just come back from France with a dildo and they stop me at the custom… What would happen??

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Tchak tchak tchak

A comment on my blog gave me the ideas to write about Geckos… 


I have very little experience with them and I don’t really mind them. But some people react to Geckos the way I react with rats…

The most memorable story I have with a Gecko is when I pretended to smash one with the electric racket for mosquitoes. Shiv jumped!! Probably because he was scared of the stain on the wall… As most Indians, he told me Geckos are poisonous.

I am sorry to kill a myth…

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Talking about hair…



I have often seen guys with this kind of haircut: shaved head with a rat tail kind of thing (a strand of hair called here Choti). Considering this is pretty ugly, I have always believed it had to mean something.

So I showed this picture to my colleagues who did not really know and had a good laugh that I took such a picture!!




But they tried to give some explanations:


1. This is to show that they are Brahmines – and this strand has never been cut since they were born.

2. This is to show that his dead has died (he then has to shave his head but he can not lose all his “strength” (hair is a symbol of strength) and hence has to keep some)


For information, this was a rickshaw wallah/driver…