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Some tantrism, in an unexpected place!

What do you think this is??


Unbelievable but yes, it is a toilet sign.

A representation inspired by Hinduism in an occidental restaurant in Mumbai (Salt Water)?

Yeah, I immediately pictured a lingam (a phallus, one of Shiva’s representations) and a yoni (a vagina) – Ok I need a break from all this!


Still, I think this toilet ps are borderline…


Customs stories

I like custom stories. And I am starting to have a fews!!

The first one was when I recieved a parcel of food from my dad and found some salvia in it (highly hallucinatory plant). After inquiring, I strongly believe it was put in my parcel by mistake at the custom...

The second one was recently when I tried to send 1 ml of my cat's serum for analysis to France. I tried 3 times and finally, the parcel with baby shoes with the serum hidden inside went through...

And today here is what I read:

Customs seize frozen embryos

TNN 30 Sep 2010, 04:55

The customs department seized a batch of frozen embryos three days ago, despatched from the US and meant to be implanted in Indian surrogates.


Just like that...


Mumbai Mirror, September 30th, 2010