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Ah those Malus*...

* Malu = short form of Malayalee, people from Kerala (a State in South India) where people speak Malayalam.


Dancing in the rain!

How to keep yourself busy on a Saturday?? Spending 8 hours in a car to see your guys splashing each other in a second-zone water resort with super loud music? Maybe not the most appealing week-end is it? ;)

Except that watching them having fun under the water rain was priceless!! And without alcohol...

And it happened just after a conversation I had with a friend who regrets that the adult of today has lost his “innocence” and is not able to “connect with his inner child” anymore, too bothered by what the others think to truly enjoy life. He should have come with me!

On Bollywood music:


And on Gangnam Style ! 


Yogic workaholic??

You know you have been living in India for a very long time when... 

You insist your colleague organise yoga classes in the office.  


You go to the yoga class on a Friday evening – not just any Friday, it is a closing day (for my sales). But you go anyway because you need to do a little exercise and to relax: in the past two days, despite the jet lag and a huge work load inherited from a week of business travelling in Europe, you have had to spend 8 hours in the car to encourage your teams in the warehouse located in the freaking suburbs.  

But today is a closing day and you have a professional conscience so you keep your blackberry within reach. 


So you know that you have been living for a very long time in India when at 7 pm on a Friday evening you are on all fours on your office floor (in the "cow" position for yogics), the phone stuck to your ear and you negotiate a last minute promotion (and this slightly edgy bargaining continues in other exotic positions...).