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Seeing life in orange...

Here is what happens when I decide to do things differently... And dress up funny to see the Taj with my friends!!

We throw in a few ideas, most of them impractical since my friends are visiting and don't have so many clothes... And it so happens that it is only in orange that I have 3 tee-shirts!! So here we go, we will be the orange team!!


But the story doesn't stop here... Everyone seems to have had the same idea!!


Well actually it turns out the Shiva processions from Delhi to Haridwar have started and Agra is on the way... And the pilgrims' colour is orange...

So much for being oranginal!!



To remember that everyone does not have running water on this planet...

I have not yet fully understood how water works in Delhi. For example water cuts are very frequent. In fact there is a huge problem in some areas.

In my warehouse, for example, there is a guy who comes to fill the tank twice a week.

In my house I do not know how it works exactly. There are tanks on the roof and when they are empty, someone activates a pump which gets them filled. If the person in question is not here, not pump so no water!


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 The day after the arrival of my friend in Delhi, I explained to her the difficulty that I have had to meet people. I am talking about the hundreds of weird Indian guys who want to “be my friend” or about expatriates who spend their evenings trashing India. These are easy to find. But the others it’s another story, maybe even more because with experience you become hyper suspicious (perhaps too much).

And as to contradict me, this is what has happened the same day: my friend and I were sitting on the balcony when I noticed the neighbours of the first floor of the opposite house (about 20 years old) packing a frame.

Half an hour later the doorbell rang.

A young Indian with spots glasses.

That handed me over a frame!

One of his friends had visited an exhibition and purchased (for €12) the following piece of propaganda for Bibles:




And he thought that this poster would be better in its place in my house!