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Recipe of Goan sausages with onions and potates!!

Me, who managed to mess up with 2 ready-made preparations of chocolate cake (I somehow succeeded in making them burn inside only - apparently my owen and I need to work together in a better way), I threw myself, let’s be crazy, in the preparation of “Goan sausages”.


inde,cuisine,saucisse de goa,goa,oignons,pommes de terre

For the story, I have already messed up with this preparation. The result was an awfully spicy thing, which ended up in the dustbin. But I persist and sign.


So here we go, for cooking handicapped like me, you need (for 1 very hungry person who really liked the recipy - I do not point at anyone, especially not me - or for 2-3 people along with the « apéritif »):


§          1 package of very ready sausages (please don’t laugh!),

i.e. about 200 gms. 

PS: There is also an option to cook them yourself:  (content of the said sausages: Pork, vinegar, garlic, salt, spices (Piri Piri masala, red chilly, cumin seeds, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon etc.), ginger).

§          2 large onions inde,cuisine,saucisse de goa,goa,oignons,pommes de terre

§          3 large potatoes


1.       To cook in oil the onions and potatoes.

2.       When is it almost ready, unskin the sa

usages - ha? It sounds obvious?? I think that it why my first preparation was not good!!

3.       To cook the sausages 5 minutes with the other stuff, stirring all the time.


PS: One can always add spices but here, I can not help


And paf!!

inde,cuisine,saucisse de goa,goa,oignons,pommes de terre


Yoga stories... 4

Talking with a friend about Ashtanga Yoga:


She: You know who made it famous??

I : Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois ?? (below)

She: who???

I: well Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois (I have to admit I did not pronounce exactly this but still).

She: no, Karina Kapoor (below). She got her size zero thanks to this yoga and this is what made it popular.

I : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


PS: Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois is the Ashtanga Yoga guru. He passed away recently, at 94.   

Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

And Karina Kapoor is a Bollywood superstar who became even more popular after losing weight and getting a “size zero”.

inde,mumbai,yoga,ashtang yoga,ashtanga yoga,sri. k. pattabhi jois

inde,mumbai,yoga,ashtang yoga,ashtanga yoga,sri. k. pattabhi jois



Yoga stories… 3

 The other day, I left the class, exhausted because 1. I had done the all session half-asleep because I had not been able to awake me on time (luckily my cat is well looking after me) and 2. the more I improve the more I have to do.


The teacher of the next class, around fifty, always wearing a white kurta (a kind of long shirt), asks me since how long I have been doing yoga. I try not to laugh answering 2 weeks.

And how do I find yoga? Tiring. It hurts everywhere, I sweat like a pig, no, really, it is Exhausting.

Tiring?? But how?? The guy looks super surprised !!

Obviously we do not practise same yoga…

Perhaps I will try his one day…


In the meantime, this is what I do:

yoga,asthanga yoga,astang yoga


 To download it: ashtanga-yoga-primary-series11.jpg